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People, Customers & Contacts

Bulk Add or Remove Tags to People or Companies
This feature will allow you to bulk add or remove tags (groups/labels) for Peopl... more
Add a New Person (or Customer or Contact)
Customers and contacts are one of the most valuable asset of any business (if no... more
Delete a Person/Contact/Company
You can now delete both companies and contacts from your account both individual... more
Using Ninjodo Smart Search
WHY USE NINJODO SMART SEARCH Ninjodo Smart Search helps you to save time whe... more
Import Contacts from a Spreadsheet or CSV
We've just released our new upgraded Import Center. While we reshoot our video t... more
Export a Mailing/SMS/Address List From Ninjodo
By following the steps below you can export a Mailing, SMS or Address list of yo... more
Add/Edit Groups and Labels for People and Companies
You can use Groups and Labels to segment your contacts any way that you like. Y... more