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Connect my WooCommerce website/store to Ninjodo

If you have a WooCommerce website/store, you can connect it to your Ninjodo account using our WooCommerce plugin.

Your customers and their orders will be synced in real-time with your Ninjodo account. You can also import all your historical customers and orders to get all that previous history with the push of a button.

This one has a few parts to it, but don't worry you only have to do it once. If you get stuck, contact support down in the bottom right of this page and we will help you out.

Follow these steps to connect your WooCommerce to Ninjodo:



Click here to download the plugin: https://go.ninjodo.com/ninjodo-plugins/ninjodo-wpwc.zip


Install it on your Website:

2.1 Log in to the admin area of your Wordpress website

2.2 Click on "Plugins" in the left side menu

2.3 Click on "Upload Plugin

2.4 Click on "Choose File" and select the Ninjodo plugin you just downloaded

2.5 Click 'Install Now


2.6 Click "Activate Plugin"


If you can find "Ninjodo" in the left side menu now you have successfully installed the plugin. It will be towards the bottom of your menu.




Get Your Secret Key and Paste It In

3.1 Go to the Admin Panel on Ninjodo (https://go.ninjodo.com/settings)

3.2 Click on "Integrations" on the left side menu (https://go.ninjodo.com/settings/integrations)

3.3 Click the WooCommerce tile 

3.4 Click 'Add New Website"

3.5 Copy the Secret Key ( it will look something like this: 23d8838ecaa14c0ef92b66ed71f0afb9 ). You can type the name of your website just for your reference in case you add another website/store later.


3.7 Paste it into the page we opened previously in the Secret Key Box (Settings page of your website)

3.8 Click "Save Changes"


Your WooCommerce should now be connected to Ninjodo.