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What the Hell is a Flow?

Whether it’s your sales funnel or the workflow you follow when delivering a project to a client, every business has what we like to call “Flows

A flow is simply the path a person (or thing) takes as it travels through your business.

If we consider a Sales Flow as an example which would help you track a person from the time they are a lead right through to them becoming a customer we might see some steps similar to this:

  1. New Lead  - This is your first stage before anything really happens
  2. Qualifying – Here would you be calling or meeting with the person to qualify them as a potential customer
  3. 2nd Phone Call / Meeting – Here you would have qualified them someone and are getting closer to making a deal
  4. Quote Sent – You have sent a summary of what you intend to deliver and for how much
  5. Quote Accepted – They have agreed with your price and service outline and are ready to proceed to the next step
  6. Invoice Sent – You have sent out your initial or complete invoice for the work that will be done
  7. Invoice Paid – The client has paid you, become a customer and work can now begin