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Advanced Options on Cart Pages

There are a lot more settings and options that you can customize on your Ninjodo Cart Pages to suit your business. 


Here's a thorough guide on the cart page options:


1. You can change the cart page title here. This will be the title visible to everyone. 

2. Add a description to your cart page on the text box under the cart title. You can add images, links or formatting to your text.

3. Choose a Cart Theme color e.g. your brand color, this will update the headings and buttons to use your own branding color.



Next is to choose what happens when someone completes an order. The Redirect to option and the Successful Completion Message go hand in hand for this purpose:

4.The redirect option is a great feature that allows you major engagement with visitors as you can choose to send them to a different part of your site or anywhere you consider would be beneficial to you or them with their visit such as social media platforms, etc. Although it's a good idea to use this option, it's not mandatory and you can just leave this area blank. 

5. The successful completion message is what you want to show to people once they have completed an order. If you choose to use the redirect option, you want your message to include something about where you are taking them. 

  • Examples of successful completion message:
    • Thank you for your purchase!
    • Thank you for your order. Come join us on Facebook (If redirecting to Facebook).

6. Post Transaction Data to Custom URL



7. You can choose to automatically add tags to your contacts or add them to a workflow for credit card payments using these settings.There are 4 tabs that you can toggle in this section.


When a contact (previous lead) becomes a paying customer thru your cart page, on the "When Initial Order" Successful tab, you can add a "Customer" tag (1.1) and remove the "New Lead" tag (1.2) to the contact.

You can also add their record to a workflow such as "Onboarding" (1.3) and remove them from a lead workflow such as "Inbound Enquiry" (1.4).

When the contact's initial order fails, on the "Fails" tab, you can put the contact under a "Follow Up" workflow or add a "Follow Up" tag. 

For repeat orders (e.g. subscriptions), on "Successful", you can put the record on a succeeding month workflow or add tags if you prefer.

If a repeat order fails, on "Fails", you can put the contact under a "Subscription Failed" workflow so that automated emails for failed payments will be sent to them or tasks (to follow up to the customer) will be created automatically.

NOTE: A contact cannot receive the same email from a workflow twice so starting a workflow under recurring failed or successful payments, emails from that workflow will only be sent the first time it rebilled. It will not be sent again if the next payment fails. Tags and tasks will be created every time though so it is advisable to use a workflow that would create tasks for following up to the contact.



8. If you're using any analytics or tracking program, you can use this section to paste your tracking scripts.


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