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Setup a Recurring/Repeat Deal/Sale

If you or your business get repeat sales for products and/or services, such as subscriptions, retainer fees or monthly services to mention some examples, Ninjodo makes it easy peasy for you :) you can now setup a Deal to be automatically created when needed.

To Setup a Recurring/Repeat Deal/Sale follow these simple steps:



Choose to "Create a New Deal" from the top menu in Ninjodo




On the "Add New Deal" window start entering necessary details...




Towards the middle of the window, you will see a dropdown box with "One Off Sale" and "Recurring/Repeat" options to choose from. Select the last.


You will then see an additional section open up- here is where you enter your Repeat Deal criteria:

  1. How often should the deal repeat (Eg. Every 15 days, Once a month, Quarterly, etc).
  2. Until when should repeat deals be created. Ninjodo will stop repeating the Deal, when/if the start date of the deal past the date selected here. (Eg. If a Deal is due the 1st day of each month and the "Until" date is 30-03-2018- the last Deal in the series would be due on 01-03-2018).



Once you finish entering all details, click "Save Deal"



And you are done :) 

It's that easy to setup your Recurring/Repeat Deal/Sale



On the Deals page, you will be able to see:

  1. "Profit" and "Remaining Profit" (for all Deals in the series)
  2. Start and Finish Date of the Deal
  3. Date of "Next Due"