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Create Deal Types and Deal Templates

In Ninjodo, you can create Deal Types and Deal Templates for common products, services or projects. This will allow you to save time when creating Deals and recording sales.

To Add Deal Types and Templates follow the steps below:



Go to your "Admin Panel" from the top right menu



Select "Deals" from the left menu



Click on "Add New Deal Type" to create Deal Types or "Add New Deal Template" to create Deal Templates.



Deal Type

When adding a new deal type, enter the name of the deal type and click "Save".

Deal Template

When adding a new deal template, enter the basic details:

4.1 Deal Category - You can choose the deal type for the deal template.

4.2 Deal Name - Enter the name of the deal template.

4.3 Extra Details - You can enter any details about the deal template here.

4.4 Estimated Revenue - Estimated revenue for the deal

4.5 Estimated Expenses - Estimated expenses for the deal

4.6 Is this deal across the line yet? - Choose the status of the deal template

4.7 Who should this deal be assigned to? -  You can choose a user to whom the deal will be assigned

Only deal name is required when creating a deal template but it is time-efficient to put as much details as you need so you won't have to enter them again when creating the deal for a record.



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