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My Account, Users & Settings

Activate or Upgrade my Trial Account
When you are ready to start using Ninjodo fully, you can upgrade your account fr... more
Change my password
You may want/need to change your password for different purposes at some point i... more
Change my Login Email Address
If you find the need to swap your Login Email address for Ninjodo, you can do so... more
Add/Edit/Manage Users in my Account
If there is more than 1 of you in the business, you can add your other team memb... more
Make User an Administrator in your Account
If you would like to make a "User" an Admin in your Account, so they can have ac... more
Activate/Deactivate a User in Ninjodo
If you need to Activate or Deactivate a "User" in your Account, follow these ste... more
Edit my Company Contact Details
To edit/add to your Company Contact Details in Ninjodo, follow these simple step... more