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Setup your Xero Invoice Email Template (with Mail Merge Tags)

Once you have created your Xero invoice in Ninjodo you can send/email it directly from the platform. 


Learn How to Send/Email a Xero Invoice from Ninjodo 


Ninjodo allows you to set up an Invoice Email Template which will be the body of the Email you send to your customers that your invoice is attached to, allowing you to save time since you won't need to type over and over everytime you need to send an invoice. 

To setup your Invoice Email Template, just follow these simple steps:



From the top right menu choose "Admin Panel" and from the left side choose "Integrations


On the Xero tile, click on the settings icon.




From the dropdown list, choose "Invoice Email Settings"



In the editor window, start building your template. 




Ninjodo has a list of Mail Merge Tags that you can use when creating your email templates. In simple words what a mail merge tag does is auto-populate data from fields the merge tag is "calling". 

From the Mail Merge Fields dropdown you can access the list of available mail merge tags. At the very top of the list you will see the Xero section with tags available to pull from invoices, use these in combination with the rest whenever needed in your template, so that every email sent is personalized per client. 



For example, [InvoiceAmount] will show the invoice amount where ever the tag is placed. 

To insert mail merge tag, simply place the click (mouse) where you want the tag to go, and choose your desired mail merge tag from the dropdown list. 



Here's a side to side on how an invoice email template looks with merge mail tags in action:




The invoice email template doesn't have to be used only when and invoice is being sent, for example by using the "Invoice Balance Due" mail merge tag, you can resend the email later as a payment reminder and it will account for any amounts paid so far. 

When sending as a payment reminder you could simply change one or two words from the Template.

Eg. instead of "$1500 is due on 1st of November" you could change it to ($1500 was due on 1st of November) when sending as a payment reminder.