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Create or Edit Tasks

You can create tasks and events in Ninjodo for anything you need to do or remember to do.

Tasks are visible in Dashboard, Planner and the record they belong to such as a Contact or Deal.

Your account will have it's own default tasks like: Phone Call, Meeting & Todo.



You can add tasks from any page in Ninjodo by clicking the "Plus sign" (Add) button at the top of any page and then on "Tasks":



The "Create Task" window will open up on the right side of the screen- here you fill in all necessary details




If you tick off the "Send Invite to Attendees" checkbox, People "attending the meeting" will receive an invitation.



When done entering details, just click "Save Task". 

The event will be added to the "Planner" in Ninjodo of the person the Task was "Assigned To"




If you add a Task from a 'Person" page or "Deal", they will automatically be added to "Who is attending this meeting" box.




You can and should add your own common business tasks into your account to help save time and make Ninjodo feel more like YOUR system.

You can add your own tasks to your account here: https://go.ninjodo.com/settings/dropdowns

Anything in the Task Types list will be available for you to select when Scheduling a new task.