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Using Email Templates in my Business

If you haven’t used email templates before, or are having trouble of thinking how you might be able to use email templates in your business, here is a list of scenarios when you might consider having a standard email template to help you start taking advantage of this amazingly overlooked tool:

  1. Responding to leads from your website
  2. Following up after sales calls
  3. Sending quotes to customers
  4. Thank you to customers after ordering
  5. Sending purchase orders to suppliers
  6. Event Invitations
  7. Monthly Newsletters
  8. Company Announcements
  9. Updating a customer on project milestones
  10. Special Offers
  11. Requesting payment of invoices
  12. Requesting account or billing information

By creating an email template that you and your staff can use in these situations or stages of your work flow, you will:

  • DRAMATICALLY reduce the time you spend emailing
  • Save between 2 & 15 mins per email your business sends (that's several hours per week)
  • Standardise your business' communication to your customers no matter which staff member sends it. This means your customers feel consistency when dealing with you which makes people feel safe and comfortable
  • Easily follow up with leads and people who haven't paid their invoices


We  confident once you start using this feature you will think of hundreds more awesome benefits that you'll wonder how you ever operated without them.